Haka Valley Irrigation Scheme

Pumping water up the escarpment from the mighty Waitaki River to the Haka Valley.

The Haka Irrigation Scheme, designed and installed by Bosch Irrigation using Aquaduct pipe, in 2014/15 pumps water from the Waitaki River over a 150 metre ridge. At 1000 litres per second water flows into the Hakataramea Valley with capacity to service 2000 hectares. Aquaduct supplied the 18.5 km of pipe up to 900mm diameter and Bosch Irrigation installed the pump two stations, pipe network, outlets and controls, bringing new life to the farms in the fertile valley.  24 Saer NCB150-400A & B pumps in two pump stations push the water from the Waitaki River up to the Haka Valley.

Hakataramea Pump Station 2 interior

Hakataramea Pump Station 2 interior

river intake screens at Pump Station 1 lifted for maintenance

Manufacture of large bore HDPE pipes onsite

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