Using the latest high capacity extrusion technology

Large Bore PE Pipes

Aquaduct NZ has invested in the very latest high capacity extrusion technology.
Our innovations and production includes:
  • Bulk handling of raw material up to 120 tonnes per day (equals up to 15 semi trailer loads of pipe per day)
  • High capacity raw material dryers
  • Co-extrusion systems capable of adding colour coding layers or different material inside pipes as required
  • High efficiency die heads with internal cooling
  • Forced air cooling of the internal surface of the pipe
  • Ultrasonic monitoring of pipe quality and dimensions
  • Automated control of wall thickness
The above points ensure that Aquaduct produces only superior quality pipe.
The cutting edge technique of floating pipe away from the production line ensures the pipe gets an easy ride out, and minimises energy consumption.

Aquaduct makes a large range of pipe sizes from 200mm diameter to 1600mm with a huge range of pressure ratings. See the chart below for available sizes and pressures. Other sizes can be custom made on demand.

Aquaduct Pipe is made from material that has a tensile strength 25% stronger than the minimum strength required to be classed as PE100 and has a thinner wall than the standard pipes.

Manufacture of large bore HDPE pipes onsite

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