The Relocatable Pipe Factory

All pipe is manufactured to AS/NZS 4130

The Aquaduct factory incorporates the latest in pipe extrusion technology including ultrasonic monitoring of all pipes as they are extruded to ensure that only top quality pipe is produced. Independent tests on the pipe have shown that it is at least 25% stronger than the ASNZS 4130 Standard requirement for PE100. We also have available, PE 112 which allows us to make a stronger pipe with the standard dimensions of PE 100.

Aquaduct has the capacity to make pipe that has the same pressure rating as the ASNZS:4130 PE100 Standard are made from material that is at least 25% stronger than the minimum strength requirement by the standard, so can be made with a thinner wall.

in full swing, the factory works 24/7 for best efficiency.

The following figures give a picture of average production output. It should be understood that within these averages, a significant amount of variation is possible.

Typically, if all three extruders are running, production averages 4 tons per hour.

Containers of raw material usually hold 17-18 tons. Peak production of CPW Stage 1 was, for example, using 40 containers a week.

Examples of production break down to an average of:
Extruder 1, 500kgs per hour on 315 PN 6.3 on the small extruder. This equates with 50 meters per hour. Maximum output is 780kgs ph.

Extruder 2, 1200kgs per hour middle range 630mm OD PN 6.3, equates to approximately 26 meters per hour. Maximum 1550kgs ph. 

Extruder 3, 2200kgs to produce 1200mm OD PN 5 maximum 2900kgs ph 14 meters per hour. 

For example in a week the factory running 24/7 can produce 2.3kms of 1400. To produce 2 kms of 1600mm mid range density, (PN 4) takes about a week.

The on site laboratory complies with testing requirement of 4130, and allows Aquaduct to do destruction testing on welds.

The standard references a range of indicative cases. Aquaduct has the capacity to work within these parameters to produce custom sizes and PN ratings on request.

Manufacture of large bore HDPE pipes onsite

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