Our Projects

Our long and successful history providing exemplary results for big water irrigation projects has highlighted our focus on solutions that are affordable, environmentally sustainable and responsible, along with lateral thinking to provide profitability for the project.
Our projects are:
  • Affordable

    Aquaduct’s on-site pipe extrusion greatly reduces transport and welding costs, but more than that, Aquaduct’s design mission is always optimal use of natural topography to use gravity as much as possible, reducing pumping costs and generating power wherever possible. The longevity and low maintenance of PE pipe, offers whole-of-life cost advantages. See the article ‘Whole of Life costing benefits’.

  • Environmentally sustainable, safe and responsible

    Polyethylene is a petroleum product which is entirely inert. PE pipe has none of the concerns that alternative pipe systems have. GRP can break down and delaminate, is not earthquake resistant and must be handled with extreme care to prevent damage during and after installation. While it is sometimes cheaper up-front, handling and installation costs soon see prices escalate way past that of PE. Steel and concrete pipes likewise have environmental and whole of life issues, that resilient PE pipe does not have. Steel rusts and concrete is subject to damage and degeneration. Piping water for irrigation and power generation saves high percentages of water loss due to seepage and evaporation in comparison to open channel systems. PE pipelines have lower maintenance requirements and longer life span. Buried in the ground it is expected to last for more than 100 years, the only trace above ground is the general greening of the land produced by efficient water schemes.
  • Profitable

    Subsidised and government funded schemes have repeatedly proved to attract a gravy train of over-engineering and bureaucratic interference which leaves rural producers paying unsustainable interest and fees for water. Aquaduct specialises in guiding farmer owned and operated co-ops and communities through design and installation of affordable and sustainable schemes that put the profit where it belongs, with the farmers.

    Nothing satisfies the Aquaduct team like seeing rural producers responsibly harness water to ensure an income every year and increase on-farm profits. Reliable water, available at the right time in the right quantities takes much of the gamble out of agricultural production. Our nation runs on the success of its primary industries and farmers’ hard work and investment deserves to be rewarded. Being part of their profitability is our greatest contribution and ultimate sense of mission.

Project History

Predating the Valetta Scheme:
  • 2006
    Cascade Creek Scheme at Ashwick Flat, South Canterbury is a gravity fed system form the South Opuha River running through 22 km of pipe to seven farms.
  • 2008
    Kakahu Irrigation Scheme main pipeline. This involved replacing an un-usable open channel with 9km of 1200mm diameter gravity fed pipe to provide water for 29 farms from the Opuha River. It was a challenging project as much of this pipe was installed across a cliff face.
  • 2009
    Morris Road Scheme – a smaller system from the South Opuha River supplying four farms.

    Aquaduct produced more than 130 kms of large bore PE pipe for CPW Stage 1. Pipe diametres range from 1600mm to 200mm. Construction of the project began for Aquaduct in August 2014 with the relocation of the factory from Valetta to Hororata. The Scheme was commissioned in September 2015 and is bringing life giving water to the farms of the region.


    2011- 2014
    The Valetta Irrigation Scheme – now part of the MHV Ltd Scheme after an amalgamation with neighbouring Mayfield Hinds Scheme. This was the first major scheme for Aquaduct NZ Ltd.

    2013- 2014
    The Haka Irrigation Scheme, designed and installed by Bosch Irrigation using Aquaduct pipe, in 2014/15 pumps water from the Waitaki River over a 150 metre ridge.

    Manufacture of large bore HDPE pipes onsite

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